I love you to death

Wine is History

Since 1800, these wines have seen life go by. Wars, kings and queens, victories and defeats. Keeping themselves in silence, recording in their memory the events, adding history to their taste.

The gold of Sanlucar

Time passing by and very special conditions create our unique molecular structures, the gold of Sanlucar our wines.

Live the South

The essence of the south in the taste of its wines, the sea, the music, the people, the food. There is something special for you in Sanlucar de Barrameda.

A way to see life

Natural and artisanal as a definition of the process. Authentic as an adjective of our work. Romantic as a noun for whom we live from these wines.

Our lives are linked to a path without hurry, enjoying the landscape and taking care of what we have.


Nature and Crafts

Drink from my glass

Know our wines from the inside.  Visit, led by Alonso family hand, their Moorish cellar from the XVII century.   Know the history of the cellar, the wines, the background, the present and its way to understand the culture of the wines from Sanlucar de Barrameda.   Enjoy a unique tasting to discover the treasure hidden in their butts and the nuances of a long story waiting to be told.

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Discover our new

Selection Range

Bodegas Alonso presents a new “saca” (bottling) of part of their historic wine treasures
in their cellar in Bolsa Street in the marine neighborhood in Sanlucar de Barrameda.